Data Management Concept

The Tandem-L mission will generate a broad range of radar raw data and higher-level information products, which will be made available free of charge to scientific users in Germany and the international community. The overall system is designed to allow the satellites to record up to 8 terabytes of radar raw data per day. One of the challenges faced by Tandem-L is therefore the creation of a systematic global data acquisition schedule. The figures below give an overview of the areas that need to be acquired for the four most important scientific research fields.

In order to fulfill the strong requirements demanded by these applications, a intelligent observation concept is developed for the acquisition of required SAR data. In recently performed studies a first feasible acquisition timeline was generated. The following figure shows the result of this process in form of the payload data volumes acquired for the individual applications and over one year of mission duration.

Data volume acquired by the Tandem-L mission during one year of data acquisition.

The reception of these payload data will be conducted through a very high bit rate transmission in Ka-band to a worldwide organized ground station network.